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Now create as many workspaces as you need to manage your clients & projects.


With ALL limits removed from the number of clients you can take up… you’re going to need LOTS of workspaces.


No need to delete old workspaces to accommodate new clients & campaigns.



Quiz Campaigns


When you upgrade to QuizMatic PRO today… we also REMOVE ALL LIMITS on the number of quiz campaigns you can create.


Create a few test campaigns for yourself to generate some laser-targeted leads.


Sell as many campaigns as you want to clients for BIG bucks.



Clients & Profits


It’s a pity if you have access to advanced technology like QuizMatic… but are allowed to make only limited amounts of profits using it. 


But when you go PRO… your account is moved to a separate server allowing you to take on as many clients as you want & make as much profits as you’d like. 



(Exclusively available ONLY for PRO Users)



Run Quizzes From A Widget

Now run your quizzes from a widget on your website. 


Just copy-paste a code and place a widget on your and/or your client’s website. 


Visitors can simply click on the widget & take up your quiz. 


You can now…

  • Engage your website visitors & get to know about what they are looking for… their preferences etc. in an easy & fun way
  • Make your visitors spend more time on your website… which in turn pushes your website higher in search engine rankings (think Google Page #1)
  • Use it on any website you want. In just 1-click you can transform your or your client’s website into a sales-generating machine.

Pro-Tip: When you do this for your clients… make sure to charge EXTRA for this service. 



(Only) Verified Email Quizzes

Ensure your quizzes generate ZERO fake leads. 


Make quiz takers validate their email addresses before they take up the quiz.


Your clients will happily pay you MORE if you guarantee them ONLY REAL LEADS. 


In just 1-click, you can now insert an “Email Validation Gate” to ALL your quizzes. 


No technical/coding skills required. 

Pop-Up Quizzes

This gives you complete CONTROL when your visitors see your quizzes when they come to your website.


Choose from…

  • Show quiz on loading
  • Show quiz on clicking
  • Show quiz on exit intent

See when your quizzes generate MAXIMUM engagement.


This is very effective to gauge your visitors' behavior & predict results.


Ask any marketer & they will tell you this feature gives you access to a goldmine.  



Set Timer On Quizzes

Restrict your quiz to a specific time frame. Set a timer for the whole quiz. 


This helps in discouraging users from searching online for answers.


It also encourages them to answer promptly giving you authentic replies. 

Quizzes Based On Geolocation

Restrict visitors from specific locations to take up your quiz. 


This is very useful if you or a client is looking to generate leads from a very specific location only. 


In just 1-Click… you can restrict or allow visitors from specific geographical locations around the world. 



Limited Respondent Quizzes

Make sure your quizzes are taken up by only a specific number of visitors. 


The quiz auto-expires once the number of quizzes that were pre-determined by you is reached. 


This helps you ensure that if a client paid for an X number of visitors to take up your quiz… that number is not breached


Your clients or even quiz takers cannot overuse/misuse your quiz.




100 Team Member Access

When you upgrade to PRO today… you also get the ability to add up to 100 team members to your account. 


Invite team members/outsourcers you may have hired to manage client accounts. 


The best part is that you can give them limited access… like they can manage a client account but cannot delete anything permanently.


This gives MASTER controls in your hands. 


Advanced List Segmentation

Set even MORE filters to segment your list.


Quiz takers are added to different lists based on their replies.


Send hyper-targeted offers to your leads and watch your conversions skyrocket. 


No need to manually add each lead to separate lists.  


Simply pre-define criteria based on their replies… and add them to different lists totally hands-free. 


Bulk Email Notification

Send welcome emails with special offers & discounts to ALL the leads that have completed your quiz in just 1-click. 


Studies show…

  • Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other marketing emails.
  • 74% of new subscribers expect to receive a welcome email.
  • Subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% more long-term brand engagementthan those who don’t.

Simply login at the end of the day or whenever you want… see who all have completed your quiz… and shoot them a welcome email with personalized offers based on their replies from right inside your QuizMatic dashboard. 


Admin Email Notification

Assign different workspaces (or projects) to different team members and make them the admin.


Now every time a new lead is generated i.e. a new visitor completes your quiz… an email notification is sent to your workspace admin. 


Your workspace admins can immediately engage your new lead & follow up with a welcome email or a welcome offer. 


Webhook Settings

Now send automated messages or information from your QuizMatic app to other apps that you’re using. 


Seamlessly connect QuizMatic to other apps like Facebook, Slack, Instagram etc. & have automated messages sent to them every time a new visitor completes your quiz. 


This allows you to retarget your visitors completely hands-free.


10 Additional Templates

As soon as you go PRO… we add 10 premium quiz templates to your account. 


These are designed exclusively for our PRO members ONLY…


… which means only a handful of QuizMatic users will have access to these. 


Stand out from the crowd. Although regular templates inside QuizMatic work perfectly well..


… these PREMIUM templates are designed to get you even MORE conversions & leads. 


(For ALL Pro Features & Resources)

Sell as many quizzes to your clients & keep 100% profits


Use PREMIUM templates you’re getting access to with PRO to create quizzes with STUNNING designs. 


Deploy PRO features inside the quizzes you create for your clients and remember to charge them EXTRA for these. 


This is the perfect recipe to BOOST your income and get more audience engagement, clicks, leads and sales!



Sell as many quizzes to your clients & keep 100% profits


Use PREMIUM templates you’re getting access to with PRO to create quizzes with STUNNING designs. 


Deploy PRO features inside the quizzes you create for your clients and remember to charge them EXTRA for these. 


This is the perfect recipe to BOOST your income and get more audience engagement, clicks, leads and sales!




Here's what you get today

Inside this special one-time offer

  • UNLIMITED Workspaces
  • UNLIMITED Quiz Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Clients & Profits
  • Run Quizzes From A Widget
  • Email Based Quizzes
  • Pop-Up Quizzes
  • Set Timer On Quizzes
  • Quizzes Based On Geolocation
  • Set Limit On The Number Of Respondents


  • 100 Team Member Access
  • 10 PREMIUM Templates
  • Advanced List Segmentation
  • Bulk Email Notification
  • Admin Email Notification
  • Webhook Settings
  • FREE Commercial License


$1,997/year Or 197/month


(One Time)

Grab this Special Offer

Totally Risk-Free


This special one-time offer has been created to give you a chance to make UNLIMITED profits with QuizMatic. 


In case you wish to revert your account back to regular… simply drop us a message at any time during the next 30 days. 


We will instantly refund your money… and remotely switch your account back to regular. 


No hassles. No risk. Give it a try and I assure you… you’re going to love it! 

One-Time Fee | Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee

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